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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long does a photo session last?

A: Usually around 1 hour.  However, every session is different and I won't finish a session until I capture the shots I want.


Q: What should my child wear?

A: We can discuss clothing options during your in-home consultation.  What I look for is fun colors or cute accessories (boots, hats, etc.).  Stay away from formal attire that will inhibit your child's play.  Sometimes my favorite outfits are when kids dress themselves!  Also, avoid clothing with words or pictures - this will distract from your child's face. 


Q: Where do you shoot the session?

A:  I love to shoot at your home, in open grassy fields, against textured walls, etc.  The most important thing about a session is the lighting so this also determines what location will work the best.


Q: Do you provide props?

A:  I have a few props but my favorite is to use something from your home that is unique to your child (a favorite teddy, wagon, book, toy, etc.).  Children are much more fun to photograph when they are engaged in an activity and are less aware of the camera.  What does your child like to do?  I like to incorporate some small activity into the session so it has the feeling of childhood play and discovery.


Q: Do you take family pictures?

A:  The goal of my session is to capture authentic images of your child   The traditional family portrait is too formal and stressful for my style of photography.  However, I am happy include pictures with the parents in a casual way.


Q: What is your style of photography?

A: There are many terms these days- lifestyle, candid, narrative.  I like a mix of styles.  It is important to shoot some straight portraits as well as more candid shots.  I will direct your child during the session and also encourage free play!


Q:  What if my child is in a terrible mood?

A:  We all know children can be unpredictable! Usually, if you are relaxed about the session your child will be too.  Also, make sure your child is rested and well fed.  If your child still falls apart during the session we can always call it quits and try again when they are feeling better.  Happy children equal happy pictures!


Q: How long before we can see our pictures?

A:  I will have your edited pictures ready within 2 weeks.